Open Positions at ExMI (Prof. F. Kiessling)

Open Positions at PMI/ExMI (Prof. V. Schulz, published on 19.12.2017)

Three PhD positions are available at the moment, to work on: I) the development and preclinical evaluation of liposomal nanomedicines; II) the development of a 3D-printed tumor angiogenesis model; and III) functional and molecular imaging of inflammation-associated angiogenesis. Please contact: T. Lammers for more details.

Open topics for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses at PMI/ExMI (Prof. Dr. V. Schulz)

M.Sc thesis project: Establishment of a protocol for multiplex immunofluorescent histology using cryostat slices
The accumulation of nanomedicine formulations at pathological sites often depends on the enhanced permeability and retention effect (EPR). EPR is known to be very heterogeneous, both in animal models and in patients, and even within a single patient and tumor.
Our aim is to better understand the (patho-) physiological parameters contributing to EPR. For this reason it is important to quantify the histological parameters, which lead to a higher or lower accumulation of nanomedicines. The expression of certain tumor markers needs to be correlated to the amount of nanomedicines, which we want to do using multiplex immunofluorescent histology.
Further information regarding the method which will be established during this master project, can be gained here: PerkinElmer
The candidate will be trained in tumor cell culture and histological analyses, like 2-photon and immunofluorescence histology. I further studies an in vivo tumor model will be used. Methods established at our department for in vivo tumor models include functional and molecular ultrasound, photoacoustic and µCT.
Skills / Experience Requirements
– high motivation in research
– interest in imaging in biology / medicine
– pursuing a degree in biology, biotechnology or a related field
– laboratory and cell culture experience would be advantageous

If you have further questions, contact persons are: Susanne Golombek (PhD student), Maike Baues (PhD student)

M.Sc Thesis Project: The Nanomedicines and Theranostics group is offering an M.Sc thesis project position on Temperature-Responsive and Multi-Drug-Loaded Liposomes for Tumor Targeted Combination Therapy. The project aims at developing stimuli-responsive liposomes loaded with optimized combinations of hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs, and evaluating their therapeutic potential in several in vitro and in vivo setups, including clinically relevant mouse models of pancreatic and colon cancer (for ultrasound-mediated heating and magnetic fluid hyperthermia (MFH), respectively). The overall objective of this work is to contribute to the development of better systems and strategies for drug targeting to tumors, and to come up with new (combination) concepts to really improve the treatment of cancer patients. Further information regarding the offer can be found here.

If you have further questions, please contact Ali Dadfar (PhD student).